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Image provided by X-Arc, a top 10 finalist in NASA’s 2018 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge Phase: 3 Level 1 competition.

CASE Space Academy

Incredible Live NASA Tour with every course

Delivering Real STEM, Real Space, Real Fun, CASE Space Academy is a live and interactive online holiday program that immerses young students in STEM and space. Based on real space science and coached live by our enthusiastic and certified course leaders, our fun five-day courses ignite children’s curiosity and interest in STEM through the excitement of space exploration.

STEM comes alive as students create their own Mars exploration, engineer their own Mars rover and helicopter, design a water filtration system, solar energy model, and hydroponic galactic farm. Students will even join a            Live NASA tour to discover the history and future of spacecraft development.  


Courses are specifically designed for young students to participate in a fun and safe group setting from home. Together, we will delve into space exploration with loads of hands-on activities and team challenges while learning the theories behind rockets, Mars, space vehicles, the Moon, and living and working in space! 

Real STEM, Real Space, Real Fun!

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Mars Exploration

Want to be a Mars Explorer? Discover the harsh Mars environment and some of the ways humans are exploring the red planet. Using NASA's Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter as inspiration, students will design their own Mars exploration mission and the vehicles they'll need to fulfil their goals. 

Inclusions: Live NASA Tour, Launch Kit with Space Academy t-shirt and more


Available in 2025

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It's a Mars Life

Inclusions: Live NASA Tour, Launch Kit with Space Academy t-shirt and more


You have finally arrived on Mars after a 9 month journey. Suddenly disaster strikes - your return spacecraft has malfunctioned! How will you live for 2 years on Mars with only enough provisions for 6 months? Your crew must create the critical life support systems your colony needs to survive on the harsh red planet!

Available NOW!

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Mars Base 1

Imagine working at NASA’s first ever Mars science base – Mars Base 1. What work will you do? What will you wear? How will you communicate with Earth? Tackling some of NASA’s current issues, students will fire their imaginations and develop their problem-solving skills working to answer these questions and more!  

Inclusions: Live NASA Tour, Launch Kit with Space Academy t-shirt and more


Available in 2025


Hands on STEM!

Fun hands-on activities turn STEM theory into 'Ahaa!' moments 
  • Live coaching and engaging instruction makes learning fun 
  • Design your own space missions
  • Collaborate on fun and interactive team challenges
Kalind Carpenter
Course Advisor
Robotics Engineer
Jet Propulsion, NASA

Live NASA Tour

Embark on a journey with us to NASA! From the comfort of your home, join our NASA experts on a live and interactive tour of a NASA facility and have all your questions answered in a personalised Q&A session. Students and parents will see real spacecraft to discover the astonishing past, present, and future development of space technology. Get ready to join us on this unforgettable expedition!

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Authentic Space!
Designed with the support of NASA experts, CASE Space Academy courses are authentic, topical and based on contemporary space issues and current space missions. 
  • Explore space as a rocket engineer, scientist or astronaut
  • Solve the same space challenges that NASA is working on!
  • Learn about the engineering and science behind NASA’s current missions

"It was a great learning experience and it was very fun to collaborate with others around our age. It was overall extremely fun too." 

Saptha, Sacre Coeur

"Great experience. My daughter loved it - pitched to extend imagination, interactive and fun. She looked forward to it everyday and can't wait for the next one."

Parent, Mentone Primary School


The Ultimate Hands-on STEM Courses

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